vendredi 25 mars 2016

Early Spring flowers

This is my first article in English. I hope this is better for everybody who wants to read this blog! 
I made a series of flowers blooming at the beginning of the Spring. I saw these flowers and I photographed them! 
Crocus, 20x20cm

Primroses, 20x20cm

Anemone, 15x15cm

Magnolia, 20x20cm.

Little Iris, 18x23cm.

My desk.

Cherry blossom.

Then I decided to do blossomed trees, but my first try wasn't as I expected. So I decided to change the technique and used ink pen (Micron) for the drawing because there are so many little details! Here are the results of this new research. 

Apple blossom

Draw with pen. 

 Pen and watercolor.

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