Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pattern studies

Patterns studies (2021)

I really loved to explore and create my own versions of many of my favorite patterns. Based on "The world of ornament", Owen jones  and other famous rugs and fabric patterns from all the different cultures. It's all made in ink and watercolor.
 The idea was to find a more personal way of drawing, abandone the stiffness and find a line that feels spontaneous and alive. including the mistakes in the style in order to let the movement of the drawing apear.
 I was also very inspired of my love of patchwork that I use like a base for the composition. 


Sunday, March 3, 2024

sketchbook 2020

Some pages of my sketchbooks from 2020, many patterns studies and this theme of the view from the home windows, also other places like doctors and hospital where I was that year. 

Argnetina / Switzerland landscape 



sketchbook 2019 Uzes, Island, and Indian pattern study

Sketchbook pages, some traveling and some studies of patterns that are one of my favorite subjects. 

Indian patchwork study in my sketchbook, ballpoint pen and watercolor.

Uzès, France. ink and watercolor.

                                                       Island, ink and watercolor. 


Friday, June 9, 2023

Early spring 2023

This is a sketchbook page, A4, about pink and white flowers. It was a very relax work just for fun and very experimental for me. 

the first layers of this flower were more about the shadows, it looks a bit pale then I added. more pink.

I really want to use this blog more, social media are not very nice to use even though is easier in other to  have contact with people interested in my art and with other artists. I hope I can make something more meaningful and organized in here... 
the pictures are not perfect, nothing is perfect but the intention is to connect and show my work as it goes. 


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Sketchbook 2019 II Uzès

Travel journal: south of France, Uzès, Gard
here are few pages of what I did during this trip, you can also see the process to make a page. Starting by the drawing  with ink or ballpoint pen, then the waterccolor. certain pages can take longtime like the butterflies page.